A selection of editorial illustrations made for Romanian publications 
Școala9 and Decât o Revistăbetween 2020-2022
Illustration made for Școala9's series on the mental health of underaged students.
It talks about what methods teachers can use to identify their students' emotional issues and how this can help the youngsters see things clearer and overcome their struggles. 
Școala9 has an entire series called 'Good prof, bad prof' , where (mostly) teachers were invited to write about a good and a bad teacher they had back when they were students.
This one is about the fascination and curiosity only some teachers manage to awaken inside our young minds.
Illustration for Școala9 for an article about a teenager with anxiety. 
I tried to illustrate how the teenager unfolds all the layers of experiences, feelings, and sensations in the process of understanding herself better and ultimately, accepting who she is.
Personal illustration made at the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The overwhelming news of innocent people dying made us realize our own fragility the hard way. I felt the most heartbreaking part of it was that children are forced to go through the terror of war.
I thought about drawing a landscape in the shape of a child, where the peace flees out of the child's heart.
This illustration was made for Decât o Revistă at the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic in March 2020, for an article about the necessity of lockdown, that was advising people to stay at home.
I tried to capture the sadness of experiencing indefinite isolation from one another in an image of a girl that has to watch the blooming spring from out her window.

This one illustrates a text for Școala9 written by Ada Milea, a renowned Romanian musician, for the series 'Good prof, bad prof'. Ada talks about her amazing maths teacher who had an extraordinary talent not only in making maths approachable but also in directing his students to the areas they were talented at. 
Illustration for Școala9, for the series 'Goof prof, bad prof' about the good and the bad traces some teachers leave in the people they teach.
Aren't we all just like landscapes that bloom in the places other people took care of, the right way, at the right time?
This is an illustration for a series for Decât o Revistă in collab with Avon, where 3 women talk about their fight against abuse and domestic violence.
This story is about a 22-year-old student that runs a program for preventing domestic violence, teaching and helping other young people to recognize the signs of abuse.
Illustration for Școala9 for an interview with a school counselor that talks about students who struggle with suicidal thoughts.
Besides encouraging them to talk, to keep a diary, or to express their feelings through art, dance, or sport, the counselor makes an important exercise with the student: together, they try to identify reasons to live, because a person who thinks about suicide has troubles seeing any.

Thank you!
Clients: Școala9 & Decât o Revistă

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