Illustrations for an article on Borderline Personality Disorder, written by Alexandra Bădescu for the printed issue of DoR #36.
In this article, the author opens up about how it is to live with borderline personality disorder. After years of being given wrong diagnoses by doctors, she realised she had BPD while listening to a podcast about this disorder and it's symptoms.
Determined to fight the stigma around mental health issues, she writes or talks on every ocasion about her experience, to educate herself and people around her, on this subject. 
In my illustration I tried to emphasize her idea of approaching these issues in a different, non-judgemental way, by making the effort of putting ourselves in someone else's shoes.
So if you felt you should turn the magazine upside down to see the puzzle better, you were right.
It's a symbolic invitation for you to change your perspective to 'see' better from someone else's point of view.
The beautiful artwork on the cover is made by Codruța Cernea.

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