Series of illustrations for Decât o Revistă, for an article about divorce. The text reveals heartbreaking stories of separated parents who can't manage to share the custody of the children and get into painful conflicts.
I tried to illustrate how a parent becomes incomplete after the other denies their right to see the child. And how abandoned a child can feel when the parents fight over them, like being lost in a world they don't understand.
In the continuation of the article, a judge and a psychologist talk about the solutions of a more approachable justice for the children that go through the separation of their parents. My thought when illustrating this was to create the feeling of a safe space for the child. In spite of their resentfulness for each other, the parents should find a way to cooperate for the kid's sake.
Thank you!

Read the complete article here and here
Client: Decât o Revistă
Writer: Oana Sandu
AD: Oana Barbonie

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